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by July 22, 2020
What did Arabia look like before the Prophet (ﷺ) was born? What were his family and community like? What were some of the major events that led up to his birth? In this session, we discuss the six defining traits of the Arabs before Islam and their parallels in today’s world, touching on ideas like the blind acceptance of cultural values, the objectification of women, and more. Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life (ﷺ) is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughou...
by June 16, 2020
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صوموا لرؤيته وأفطروا لرؤيته What is the right thing to do: Eid is today, it has been confirmed by many muslims that concur sighting, then based on the above Hadith that which points your attention to “all is one and one is all,” if a witness come forth then we believe and all concur. The countries that declared eid is today are all east of us, and therefore proceeds us with the moon sighting Calculation confirm that the moon is born on the 22nd  Friday, and therefore coincide with the sighting ...