Islamic Movement of Florida (IMOF)
A Brief History of the Islamic Movement of Florida Since its establishment in 1990, The Islamic Movement of Florida (IMOF) has been committed to the propagation of Islam in accordance with the Qur’aan and Sunnah (Practices of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Throughout it's history, IMOF has sought to provide a wide variety of Educational and Da’wah programs. Our intent is to provide quality service, training and education to all. This is a necessary prerequisite in order to create a truly Islamic environment where brotherhood and kinship can be nurtured according to the Islamic principles of justice. The IMOF administers an organized weekend Madrassah and daily classes in the evenings after Salaatul Esha'a and in the mornings after Salaatul Fajr. The Islamic Movement of Florida has been committed to the propagation of Islam in accordance with the the Qur’an and Sunnah. IMOF works with other groups to provide a united agenda for Muslims and will continue to do so In'sha Allah (With Allah’s permission). IMOF is continuously preparing today’s Muslims to conquer tomorrow's challenges with relevant educational sessions and specific programs. Programs include daily classes, Islamic summer camps, lectures, seminars and outdoor camps. IMOF seeks to create a true Islamic atmosphere from which the entire community benefits. Visit our website: IMOF offers the following programs/activities for your enhancement In'sha Allah Adult Education Brothers classes Sisters classes Children classes Leadership classes Special Seminars Brothers seminars Sisters seminars Study circles Islamic Library and Reading Room Sport activities Outdoor camps And Much More!
Masjid Jamaat Al'Mu-mineen (MJAM)
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Welcome to Masjid Jamaat Al'Mu-mineen (MJAM)  Masjid Jamaat Al'Mu-mineen located in Holiday Springs, Margate is outreaching to serve the Muslim Ummah and humanity. The Masjid is dedicated to promote the cause of Allah (SWT) through Islamic faith, and believes as its duty to provide spiritual well-being, enlightenment and social platform for the Muslim Community. The Masjid is located at 3222 Holiday Springs Blvd, Margate, FL 33063. MASJID ACTIVITIES Daily Prayers Jummah Prayer Eid Prayers Islamic education for Muslim children Adult Classes Special Events Expansion Project Phase II Congratulations to the Margate Community, MJAM has closed on the purchase of the Bowling Alley Project. Now it's time to contribute to a Monthly Payment Plan! Please encourage your friends and family to help us, Inshallah. Click on the Paypal Button below to make your private monthly donation towards this project. We need your help and thank you for all your continued support May Allah reward you and your family until eternity. Project Scope Alim, Hafiz and Imam school Fulltime Islamic school (k-5) Classroom style madrassa Wedding/conference center Fully lincense/permit kitchen Ghusul facility for deceased Sisters iftar/bazaar space Youth recreation center 450+ parking space Food pantry This project enables us to establish a full Islamic Center for our children forever! We need your support and want to hear from you. Please click on the button below to make a donation to Masjid Jamaat Al'Mu-mineen Expansion Project. 
Islamic Center of Boca Raton ICBR
Visit Us Online! Mission The mission of ICBR is to provide the Muslim community with a fostering environment that promotes spiritual and devotional growth and inspiring true and meaningful worship with correct application of religious knowledge, so as to help every-day believers grow in faith and virtue. Vision The vision of ICBR is to glorify God by, firstly, sharing the love and mercy of God in deeds and words, secondly, educate Muslims of the proper Islamic theology and methodology which serve as bulwark against terrorism, extremism, and antipathy, and thirdly, to build of communication and understanding with other faiths. Legal Status The Islamic Center of Boca Raton, Inc. is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Florida. ICBR holds a tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC § 501(c)(3)). ICBR provides all Islamic services to the Community of Boca Raton and neighboring cities in south Florida. ICBR has established the first Mosque and the first full-time Islamic school in the city. ICBR is governed and directed by Majlis-Ash-Shura, a non-compensated counseling body. ICBR is a law-abiding organization and works closely with city, county and state agencies and authorities to ensure continuous compliance with laws and regulations. Philosophy of Behavior The arbiter of conduct of ICBR is to overcome evil with good as outlined in Quran 13:11 and as the prophet Muhammad said, “Love for people what you love for yourself and dislike for the people what you dislike for yourself.”   Terrorism and Violence Terrorism is not a religious identity, rather it is a horrific behavior often justified by misapplied religious dogma. ICBR, in accordance to its sole purpose and understanding of Islam, stands firm on the condemnation of all forms and acts of terrorism. The ill acts of a few misguided individuals shall not be viewed as the mainstream of Islam and Muslims. It is not sufficient to condemn terrorist activities after they happen. Muslims must be vigilant in implementing programs and sedulous in pursuing goals that build a proper understanding of Islam and subvert any terrorist activities anywhere. To promote bigotry against Islam, hate mongers exploit the legitimate concerns of the American people about terrorism. Anti-Muslims rhetoric compares in its claims and tactics to Anti-Semitism. Thus people of honesty and integrity of all faith traditions, especially the Abrahamic faiths, must stand united against both anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic pernicious accusations. The safety and security of the Muslim community is an indivisible part of the safety and security of the entire community and therefore, it is the right and responsibility of the whole community at large.   Membership ICBR is an open religious organization for all public attendees, and does not keep any membership in any form. ICBR maintains its rights, however, to legally prevent and exclude any individuals or groups, should they display any behavior that is not consistent with ICBR rules and regulations. Association ICBR is not associated with any political, industrial, humanitarian, militant, or governmental entities, neither domestically nor internationally. ICBR systematically and categorically distances itself from any individuals, groups or organizations shall they be officially considered anti-American by the US government. ICBR does not endorse any political directions or views. Financial support The financial resources of the ICBR shall come from contributions and donations. ICBR does not receive any monies in any shape or form from any domestic or international government or any political parties. Current Facilities ICBR owns a 3.3-acre (13 355 Sq-meter) parcel committed for the Masjid/Center construction and an adjacent 3.3-acre site with an 11,000 square foot (1 022 sq-meter) school building. Current Services ICBR is open around the clock providing the five daily prayers, evening lectures and weekend programs for children, adults and families. ICBR organizes yearly educational and family conferences and children’s summer camps. The center regular activities also include counseling, assistance, advice, referral, marriage and funeral arrangements. Islamic Full-Time School ICBR’s Islamic School, Garden of the Sahaba Academy (GSA), offers full-time pre-k to 12th grade, and after-school programs. ICBR occasionally offers a weekend Islamic School and a variety of programs and extracurricular activities for the children and teenagers. Outreach and Interfaith ICBR has encouraged and been involved in outreach and interfaith activities since its inception. It is with the understanding that the Quran in chapter 5:48 provides the framework for cooperation among Abrahamic Faiths, that ICBR has been open for all religious-based schools and organizations to visit its sites and facilities and share friendly religious dialogue. Many Christian and Jewish schools and clergy have visited ICBR/GSA. ICBR is actively participating in local clergy associations and humanitarian causes. God demands justice, mercy, love, and forgiveness. These are the good deeds that people who share faith in God can and should work together to promote. Security ICBR strives to provide a safe and healthy environment to its community and therefore, all grounds, hallways, and rooms are videotaped 24 hours. ICBR works closely with the law enforcement authorities to ensure its entire operation free of any doubts and suspicious behaviors. Should anyone have any concerns, please report it to ICBR immediately.
Reviver Academy
Muhsen's Mission Muhsen is a nonprofit umbrella organization serving children and adults with any intellectual, mental, or physical disability. Muhsen’s aim is to establish an inclusive and accessible environment for individuals with disabilities and their families. Muhsen will assume an active role to advocate and educate, conduct training, and implement programs and services across North America to improve the experience within mosques, conventions, related classes and events, as well as to engender a positive and welcoming community for persons with disabilities. Muhsen’s Vision Muhsen will strive to lead in creating a better understanding of Disabilities in our communities and building a better future for these “Special” People of Jannah, In shaa Allah where they are welcomed and all their needs are addressed as they are accepted by all. Who is Muhsen? “Launching a new organization & dream this weekend – Sh. Omar Suleiman” I am not the parent of a child with autism nor do I myself have a disability al hamdulila, but I grew up watching my mother (may Allah have mercy on her) struggle with hers. My mother, due to cancer and multiple strokes, for most of my life suffered from severe hearing loss and had a difficult time speaking amongst other medical issues. This caused me to be particularly sensitive to other kids in the Masjid who had disabilities. What I noticed though and still notice today is that Masjids do not accommodate properly for people with special needs. Many times I go to a city and parents with children in wheelchairs say their kids badly wanted to come but couldn’t get into the masjid. Even worse, parents with children who have autism email me saying that they wish they could attend but have to stay home with their child. Even I, when I served as Imam of Masjid Abu Bakr in New Orleans, mistakenly sent a child with autism home from Quran class not knowing his condition. So all of us need a change of attitude and need to do a better job remosque-ing this part of our Ummah. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) deeply cared about including them in every activity possible. So a few years ago, I opened a word document on my computer and started brainstorming about how to form an organization that facilitates this beautiful Sunnah. I thought of a name that would reflect it’s Islamic roots while staying true to it’s mission. From that came the name M.U.H.S.E.N which means “One who shows excellence and compassion” and stands for Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs. A couple of years ago, sister Joohi Tahir and her husband Farhan joined my Hajj group and this dream started to become a reality. Joohi and Farhan have a daughter with Autism and have constantly struggled, as many Muslims do, with the lack of understanding and accommodations for people with special needs in Mosques across the country. But Joohi has for several years not been silent about it. She has joined panels around the country and written articles in an effort to spread awareness. I’m proud to say that she is the Executive Director of M.U.H.S.E.N and has done everything to make this happen. I have watched her put this entire project together and give her full credit.
Salah Tawfik Elementary & Middle School STEMS
The Academy “Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School (STEMS) will provide and promote the highest level of education in a nurturing Islamic environment, raising future generations of students with a strong moral character and excellence in both Islamic and academic education.” The school lives up to this mission by integrating religious studies with academic content areas. The daily schedule includes instruction in Islamic Studies, Arabic and Qur’anic recitation in addition to secular subjects. The STEMS calendar is aligned with Broward County Public Schools, but recognizes Islamic holidays and observances with special extracurricular school events. “Quality Education in the Best Islamic Environment” The school motto combines the ideals of the pursuit of knowledge in an Islamic atmosphere characterized by ethics, morality and spirituality. For nearly thirty years, the Islamic Foundation of South Florida, Inc. (IFSF) has played a pivotal role in the development of the Muslim community in South Florida and it’s relationship with the wider community. Established in 1989 as the School of Islamic Studies of Broward, Inc. (SISB) with an enrollment of 70 students, the current Foundation was endowed in 2000 to support the construction of the current facilities, completed in 2006. IFSF now encompasses: Salah Tawfik Elementary and Middle School (STEMS) a full-time day school with 220 students from PreK-8th Grade; a full-time masjid (prayer hall), open to the public, which hosts a variety of public educational events on nights and weekends; and a Food Pantry which serves the regular monthly needs of 120 local families, as well as providing temporary emergency assistance to hundreds more individuals. IFSF is a galvanizing force, bringing together Muslims from diverse backgrounds working towards the common goals of education and community service. STEMS is located in the City of Sunrise (population of 84,439 according to the 2010 US Census) in the Greater Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. The Islamic Foundation of South Florida, of which STEMS is a division, is located amidst hundreds of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Sikh houses of worship. Since its establishment, IFSF has practiced pluralism opening its doors to all students and staff regardless of race, color or religion. Tolerance and love of our brothers and sisters of all faiths and walks of life are values that define our community. STEMS aspires to raise future generations of leaders with a strong moral character and excellence in both Islamic and academic education. We are striving to make the world a better place starting with ourselves, our families, our school, and the broader South Florida community in which we APPLY FOR FREE SCHOLARSHIP TODAY! Click the banner below.
The Deen Show
Watch us by clicking on our logo    Host of the The Deen Show Eddie is the Host of one of the most exciting “Purpose of life” Talk Shows in the world “TheDeenShow”. TheDeenShow is viewed internationally reaching millions of viewers in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Turkey, Bosnia, and more on many satellite and cable stations all over the world from Islam Channel, Iqra Tv, Huda Tv, Guide Us Tv, Cantv. About The Deen Show Greetings of Peace and thank you for tuning into The Deen Show! We are not affiliated with any political movement, sect, group, etc. We absolutely condemn in the strongest terms any acts of terrorism and any extremism done in the name of Islam and we refuse to associate ourselves with those who practice and condone such behavior and thoughts. We’re Muslim Americans and it is our pleasure and privilege to help educate, clear misconceptions and share the true message of Islam without any political, cultural or nationalistic prejudices and corruption with our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity. We love and share the true and pure message of Islam: Pure Monotheism. Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to the Creator alone. Thank you very much for tuning in and we hope you enjoy the Shows! Did you know? The Deen Show is viewed internationally reaching millions of viewers on many satellite and cable stations all over the world from Islam Channel, Iqra Tv, Huda Tv, Guide Us Tv, Cantv and more. Ever since its inception in 2006 The Deen Show has been working on clearing up misconceptions about Islam, condemning terrorism and at the same time delivering the simple Message of the “Purpose of life” in a fun and exciting way. The word “Deen” is a word that translates to “way” or “way of life”. Allah (God) in the Quran says: The “Deen”(way of life) before Allah (God) is Islam (Submission to the will of the Creator alone) Quran 3:19 In another verse, Allah (The Creator) in translation says: Today I have perfected your “Deen”(way of life), and have completed my favor upon you (mankind) and have chosen for you Islam as your “Deen”(way of life) Quran 5:3 DISCLAIMER The Deen Show is an independent program without any direct or indirect link to any of channels or organizations utilizing our produced shows. A complete list of shows alongside the broadcasted materials can be found on our website at The Deen Show is free any Political and/or ideological associations of the channels or mediums that it is/ will be broadcasted on. The Deen Show does not condone the propagation of any materials violating the United States Federal laws or State Laws whereby religious extremism and/or violence or any misguided ideas are propagated via the respective medium that The Deen Show “associates” itself with. Non-Endorsement: The exposition of programs and/or services by the mediums that The Deen Show is broadcasted on does not result in a direct/indirect endorsement of the former. An individual or an organization or a business is not permitted to claim in any manner that The Deen Show had endorsed its programs or services. The Deen Show is God willing sincerely and humbly trying to use the Media that we have available to help humanity develop a better understanding of the pure Islam and the real message that it teaches: Peace; Submission; Surrender and Obedience to Almighty God and to clear up all the misconceptions anyone might have about this way of life that strives for peace. If any broadcast television cable TV or satellite television station NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS, BCC, CNBC, etc… would like to Air The Deen Show on their channel please contact us, Thank you. And may God Almighty guide us all to true Peace and happiness. To find out how you can have a 30 second or 15 second Ad-air on one of our Tv programs please contact us to see if your organization would qualify and for more information. Give to the show, sadaqa Jariyah